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MICHELIN Wild Grip'R Descent & Heavy Duty

The versatile downhill tyre

MICHELIN Wild Grip'R Descent & Heavy Duty


Versatile downhill tyre

Ultra-effective braking

Progressive lateral grip

Stiff anti-burp bead, specific Downhill architecture and compound

The oversize 2.60 version, with its tread pattern directly inspired by motocross, is designed for the most extreme uses

Characteristics :

Mixed Terrain
UST Tubeless

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    MICHELIN Downhill Racing

    MICHELIN Downhill Racing (MTB)



Color Width (inch) Diameter (inch) Tringle Weight() TPI Pressure (bar) Pressure (psi) Tubes Reinforced Tubeless ready Rubber
2,5 26 Hard 1300 30 2/4 29/58 55/68
2,6 26 Hard 1380 30 2/4 / 55/68




    Quality at less cost!

    When designing their cycle tyres, MICHELIN use two types of bead, flexible beads (TS) and rigid beads (TR).

    The traditional design of cycle tyres uses rigid beads, generally made of steel.
    This material is heavier than the aramide fibres used in making flexible beads but it's much cheaper.

    Although used little or not at all in higher performance tyres, with the exception of Down Hill tyres, they are nonetheless of very good quality.

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  • MICHELIN UST Tubeless

    A rubber reinforcement on the sidewalls

    The extra rubber on the sidewall is an additional defence against attack.

    "UST Tubeless Homologated" tyres do not require the addition of extra products.

    Even without inner tubes or the addition of liquid latex, they are extremely airtight and are ideally suited to marathon, All-Mountain or endure use on brittle terrain.
    However, they are heavier than the new generation of "Tubeless Ready" tyres.

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