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See this fantastic video showing the MICHELIN Wild Grip'R being tested to the limit by Danny Butler New brochure Michelin Tires Bike ENDURO 2014 Newsletter N°5 Relive the incredible « Run » of Pierre Edouard Ferry with the MICHELIN Wild Rock'R2 The new MICHELIN Bicycle Brochure is available on line now. 2nd Consecutive victory for Michelin at Val d'Allos and the 1st victory for Nicolas Vouilloz

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Popular Products
    MichelinPro4 Service Course

    For cyclists looking for a very high-performance tyre in all circumstances

  • MICHELIN Pro 4 Endurance
    MichelinPro4 Endurance

    For riders seeking endurance and longevity

  • MICHELIN Wild Rock'R² Advanced Reinforced
    MichelinWild Rock'R² Advanced Reinforced

    The Enduro tyre for use on dry and extreme terrains

  • MICHELIN Wild Race'R Advanced Ultimate Tubeless Ready
    MichelinWild Race'R Advanced Ultimate

    The tyre for hard-packed ground weighing just 415 gr

  • MICHELIN Protek Max
    MichelinProtek Max (MTB)

    Ultimate safety with "Self-Repair Liquid"

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